10 to 20 years ago, hinting that you were considering using steroids would invite a barrage of criticism from relatives, friends, workmates and professional peers. Sports organisations saw them as a threat to fair competition on the playing field. Health experts and research firms deemed them as a health scare. Ordinary people like you and me would simply follow suit and frown upon steroid use by subjecting users to all sorts of stereotypical behavior. However, regardless of the shame and secrecy associated steroid use, one had to understand the fear of the unknown, seeing that steroids were relatively new on the market.

But that was then.

Today, continued research into steroid use and the accompanying side effects has heightened people’s understanding of these hormonal chemical compounds. But this isn’t to say that it’s all rainbows and unicorns, as there are some out there who are still in the dark.

How Did Steroid Use Begin

As early 20th century scientists continued to exercise a keen interest in the the body’s core physiological processes, it was almost inevitable that testosterone would be discovered. A natural hormone produced by the body and respondible for growth and sexual development, testosterone was seen to be a powerful hormone and man began trying to make artificial but healthy substitute to treat people with various medical conditions. So, basically that’s how the “man-made” chemical compounds known come to be.

Why Are Steroids Considered Dangerous

Quite naturally, the scientific discovery of testosterone triggered widespread fascination amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers and the public alike who sought to profit from the physiological benefits of steroids. Unfortunately the unregulated, large scale manufacture of counterfeit steroid drugs has resulted in people experiencing the many side effects generally associated with counterfeit drugs. Another thing that has contributed to the negative image is lack of information on the different medicinal benefits of steroids for people suffering from growth disorders and muscle wasting conditions like cancer and AIDS.

How Can One Buy Them

Ordinarily, a doctor prescribes steroids to patients who need them. Dosage -which is a real concern- is largely dependent upon the severity of one’s medical condition. However, there are those who turn to steroids for all the wrong reasons and, as a result, end up abusing them. Which is why over the counter steroids should be avoided as lack of regulation creates a real possibility that they could be counterfeit. Then you have those that are being sold online and, by all health standards, are perhaps the ones with the highest risk of being contaminated.

Is There A Real Connection Between Steroid Use And Perfomance

Yes, and No. The thing with steroids is that they are mainly responsible for increasing muscle mass. That said, you need to eat well and exercise regularly in order to stay in excellent shape for competitive sport. However, performance ultimately depends on skill level.

Over and above, taking healthy steroids in the right amounts can be beneficial to the body. But as with all things, all things in moderation as abuse can lead to all kinds of negative side effects.